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  • personBathroom Reno
    March 27, 2017
    Review or rating for Baxter Creek Contracting
    We hired Ben to renovation our master and kids bathroom. Ben worked with us to review several design options that would fit within our budget. He was very flexible in letting us select and purchase our preferred fixtures. He delivered on-time, on budget and did exceptional work by him and all of his staff. Thanks so much for building our dream bathroom! We would highly recommend him to anyone.gradegradegradegradegrade
  • Chris Poor warranty
    March 22, 2017
    Review or rating for Complex Auto Plus
    These people had the right car for me at the right price but don't believe the 30 day guaranty. I had a leaky differential seal and they would not fix it. A 15$ part and an hour and a half to replace it. They are not good on their word. Glad that I did not take the extended warranty that they offered.gradegradegradegradegrade
  • personThe Worst
    March 11, 2017
    Review or rating for Skizzers Hair Design
    Totally messed up my hair!! i do not recomend this salon! go somewhere else or else you will have to spend even more money getting your hair fixedgradegradegradegradegrade
  • davidImmature, Inexperienced, Overpriced, Crazy
    March 5, 2017
    Review or rating for Finley Roofing
    I had hired these roofing crew only to have them perform something out of a movie, aka this david guy is a movie director so it makes sense... they laid down half of my roof, and proceeded to act out a scene where my roof caused an employee an injury, they tried to bully me into paying them extra $$$ so that theyll complete the job and overlook my "roof damage" which was not there prior to them starting... they're prices reflect that of a aaa roofing company who will at least tarp your grass, these guys littered about 4 packs of cigarette butts all over my lawn and driveway, they're inept and unprofessional and should not be running a business. they like to boast about their 10 reviews, and isn't it convenient that their employees and wifes are the ones leaving the reviews...gradegradegradegradegrade
  • personOptimum Says: “You Are A Waste Of My Time”
    March 3, 2017
    Review or rating for Optimum Credit Recovery Inc
    I am very displeased with dealings with optimum credit. i am trying to rectify a reporting error and they were extremely unpleasant to deal with. two employee’s (brian and alan) even went so far as to pretend they were each other’s manager. at one point alan said “you are a waste of my time”. i am now in the process of filing a legal claim against both optimum credit and the company that retained their service. gradegradegradegradegrade
  • siva prasadPoor Service
    March 3, 2017
    Review or rating for True North Imaging Sheppard Ultrasound
    If you don't need better copies to have then it's ok or if you dont bother about time then this is the right place to go guys whether gta or canada doesn't matter... you know. honest opinion.gradegradegradegradegrade
  • William SandyPresident Greenline Transport
    March 1, 2017
    Review or rating for Allfleet Truck & Trailer Repair Inc
    Terrible work done. the owner was awful and over charged gradegradegradegradegrade
  • person Long Time Customer
    February 24, 2017
    Review or rating for Dixon Commercial Investigators
    My wife and i have use their services almost our entire careers, they never disappoint. most recently we've been using their credit check service to check on tenants before we rent to them saving many many headaches.gradegradegradegradegrade
  • personBest Service Ever
    February 20, 2017
    Review or rating for Desi Garage Inc
    I went for my car service and they took care of me and also gave me a ride home, the car was ready for the same day. prices were way cheaper and got warranty. i spoke to the owner also about the bad review and i was very hesitant about it, he explained me what happen and i can't believe people can be like this. these people are great and they are very knowledgable. you got a customer for ever. gradegradegradegradegrade
  • personGreat Workmanship !
    February 13, 2017
    Review or rating for Imperial Stone And Design
    Had my driveway done by imperial stone and design and couldn't be happier already recommended them to my sister. hoping to have them back soon for my patio.gradegradegradegradegrade
  • personBest Service Ever
    February 9, 2017
    Review or rating for Desi Garage Inc
    Best service ever, the owner is so nice and very friendly. did the service fast on my jetta and also showed me all the parts changed, i was a little sacred go there by the last review on it, i think that guys is just trying to make the business reputation go down. i approve this me anytime to verify i have attached my # above also. only the downside is the sitting area but the service was excellent. thank you desi garage and asad.gradegradegradegradegrade
  • SharonPaid For Services And Did Not Receive Them. Beware!! Too Bad There Is Not A Rating Lower Than 1
    February 5, 2017
    Review or rating for Barrie Do It Yourself Garage
    We contracted with diy for snow removal services. what a catastrophe the driver totaled a car the second day and tried to take off. police had to be called. dale lawson came one day to clear snow and was asked to not plow towards cars. he stormed off and quit. no talking to him or trying to reason with him helped. he had 1750$ and would not discuss returning even one red cent one time he stood there and looked us in the face as he claimed to be his own "twin" brother and pretended his other half was in a va hospital. he was hired because of his supposed service to our country but we find no honor or honesty. he will not prove that he served so he demeans all servicemen who really served. he will not prove that he was decorated so he demeans all who truly were. our letter of demand was returned stating that he is no longer with the company but then posts that they are still in business. personally i am sure we are not the only group ever to be taken by him so i would stay far far away. gradegradegradegradegrade
  • personDo Not Hire This Company!!!!
    January 25, 2017
    Review or rating for Active Environmental Safety
    My story is on google review. this company did not finish job, but worse claimed asbestos was removed when it hadn't been.gradegradegradegradegrade
  • personLucky To Be Alive.
    January 19, 2017
    Review or rating for Desi Garage Inc
    on october 10, 2016, my vehicle was towed to desi garage inc. (unit #5150 - 3123 47 st ne calgary, t3j 4n4). the vehicle vibrated badly while braking. i was invoiced $500 to fix the rear brake pads and rotors. afterwards while i was leaving, i noticed the same symptoms while driving on the freeway. i was forced to pull over and tow the vehicle again. it turns out, the rear rotors were never replaced. visibly you can tell they are over a few years old, rusted out, and with very little life left on the rotor. when i returned to desi garage inc, they claimed that they completed the rotors, and i would have to 'get another licensed mechanic to write a note saying the rotors were not replaced,' then he would replace them without charging me labor, again. these guys are lucky i was not involved in an accident because of their negligence !! i have contacted cps and bbb regarding this issue as well. these guys are scam artists and will certainly get someone killed if allowed to continue this practice. cps cannot do anything unless someone is injured due to their negligence, but i am sure that is only a matter of time. do not go here if you value your money and or safety. gradegradegradegradegrade
  • Sophia5 Star Rating
    January 18, 2017
    Review or rating for Aiello Flooring
    Amazing, i've never seen better floors done in my life. everything was made to perfection, and looks exactly as i imaginedgradegradegradegradegrade
  • Maria FernandaKitchen Renovation
    January 12, 2017
    Review or rating for Woodpecker Kitchen Designs
    Hey felix, i love my kitchen you guys did a super great renovation. for sure i will recommend you to my family and friends. keep up the good work.gradegradegradegradegrade

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