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Latest Reviews

Photo Sharron Hutton
5 months ago
Review for Tom Bean's On-Site Furniture Repairs.

No , he is past if ever doing competent work. first time using. charged me $160. for literally glueing { my glue } a leg to an armoire and shooting some brads in. first time i have ever had an issue paying someone which i did. told tom he had really over charged. don’t call him , his add is ridiculous, no craftsmen there. as i said only time i have ever been so dissatisfied with someone’s competence in there perceived trade. ...See moreHide

Photo The Syndicon Group Incorporated
8 months ago
Review for Advance Landscaping Co Ltd.

I have been a snow removal customer for more than a decade and found this company to be careful and customer oriented in the early years. however over the past three years there has been a steady decline in service to the point where the plow operator has been instructed to make a single pass at the bottom 1/3 of the driveway, leaving the balance for us to shovel ourselves. there was absolutely no communication upon signing the contract that this would be their policy. ...See moreHide

Photo Anishinaabekwe
12 months ago
Review for Platium Wireless Cell Repair.

Fixed my phone screen and helped to problem solve my charging port issues. honest work and pricing. great customer service and quick turnaround time. ...See moreHide

Photo Bradley Banks
3 years ago
Review for Ed's Snow Plowing.

Ed is unreliable and their work leaves much to be desired. they are not only slow to deliver service, sometimes they don't show up at all. ed doesn't return phone calls asking when his paid-up customers can expect their service to be rendered, and he's rude if you miraculously catch him answering his phone. ed, and one of his partners, dave (the great groundsman), should be avoided at all cost if you want quality service for the money you're spending. ...See moreHide

Photo Joe
4 years ago
Review for Sunshine Property Management.

Horrible company. not friendly. dishonest. just ask some of the tenants and homeowners! ...See moreHide