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Latest Reviews

Photo Marisa Snider
12 months ago
Review for Jeff Reisman Law.

Jeff is not experienced in high level criminal charges. my son got into trouble and jeff’s inexperience almost made it much worse. within 2 days we changed to a different lawyer and what a difference. if you have a big criminal charge do not use jeff. he may be ok for traffic violations but that’s about it. trust me, if it’s big criminal charges find someone else with more experience who just won’t take your money. ...See moreHide

Photo bruce forbes
1 year ago
Review for Kipling Heights Diagnostic.

These people have no idea how to keep hours. there sign and we page says open 8 sm. i avenue tried numerous times for 8. today i waite a girls cam waltzing in at. i got booked in and after 20 minutes i asked where tech was he just texted would not be in till 1030. i traveled 50 km for this bill. walked out ...See moreHide

Photo Eugene Slawycz
1 year ago
Review for Dr Fernando Saucedo.

American style tawdry dental capitalism on full display after spending thousands of dollars with this colombian tooth ferry i was denied emergency dental care for the crime of owing him a paltry few dollars. not enough even to fill up his suv. this resulted in additional unnecessary tooth damage "pay to play or go away " the mantra and credo of mr. saucedo and his ilk. ...See moreHide

Photo George D Ross
1 year ago
Review for Ebay Canada Ltd.

I would like to speak to somebody in person about my claim. i don't know where you're getting your information from that i supplied wrong information. i'm out $600. i ordered a part that was supposed to show up on march 6 and i'm still dealing with this problem right now trying to get my money back the people. you have hiding behind emails and file numbers. it's ludicrous i'm not happy shame on you people. ...See moreHide

Photo Margaret Lynn Hay
1 year ago
Review for Nice One Nails Head Office.

I use to go here every three weeks and always leave a $10.00 tip. the last couple of times my girl did a terrible job. second last time it was because she was rush because 3 girls came in for a pedicure and she wanted to get to them and get die before the end of the night. but i still left the tip. this last time she didn’t want to do what i wanted (a full gel nail) she said it couldn’t be done. and never spoke to me the rest of my time there. she a terrible job didn’t even cover my nails ...See moreHide

Photo Philip Sybal
1 year ago
Review for Wayne Campbell Gallery &Amp; Frame.

I have been using wayne campbell gallery for many years and find wayne to be the best framer in toronto! ...See moreHide

Photo Marcel Janneteau
1 year ago
Review for The College Of Psychologists Of Ontario.

They are attacking a member because of his personal views which have nothing to do with their authority over medical issues. leave peterson alone ...See moreHide

Photo Ashley Vivian
1 year ago
Review for Psychic Julia.

Get your ex back with the help of an online spell caster who saved my relationship dr raypower, do you still love and miss your ex the opportunity is here to get your ex back, don't give up yet, happiness is worth fighting for. email dr raypower for help at or whatsapp: +27634918117 ...See moreHide

Photo Erin Hogan
1 year ago
Review for John W.j. Leung - Integrated Rmt Massage Therapy/ Accupunture/Self Care.

John is a caring, knowledgable massage therapist who l have been seeing for over 10 years. i see him regularly as l pursue my passions of golf and cycling. i've just recently broke my heel bone and his treatments have helped manage the recovery and reassured my mental health. thanks john! ...See moreHide

Photo Doreen Hofmann
1 year ago
Review for Tscc 1736.

I have made several attemts to speak to the. present manager .office. door is always closed.she is either on the phone or writing on her pad.tried to set up an office. appiontment. told to leqve that she was to call security. i am not the only one that has complaint .they either are afraid or not. able. im not .my payments that i habe made pay. her. not the other way around. owner. unit 1107 ...See moreHide