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Latest Reviews

Photo Mark
1 year ago
Review for Xiaoping Spa.

I am a regular customer of xiaoping spa because of their great massages! any of the ladies here will leave you rejuvenated and energized with relaxed muscles. ...See moreHide

Photo Jami
3 years ago
Review for S &Amp; D Professional Centre.

I’m not impressed that the sidewalk in front of this building is not shoveled. my dad’s medical appointment was at 1:30 pm and the side walk is covered in snow! these are medical offices. my father is 97 years old. he shouldn’t have to wade through snow drifts to get in the building. ...See moreHide

Photo Charles Svekla
3 years ago
Review for A P E Automotive Services.

These guys do poor work. One guy can hardly even speak english and says yes to everything. Have dealt with these guys and had lots of problems with their poor work. I purchased two tires and had a 4 wheel alignment done. 2-3 months later drove to calgary and got a flat tire due to the shimming of the wheel alignment. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS AUTO REPAIR SHOP THEY DO VERY VERY VERY POOR WORK ...See moreHide

Photo Anton
4 years ago
Review for Shefield Express Londonderry Mall.

Dishonest owner sold my wife cohibas with green mold ruining her gift and refusing to exchange with receipt. make sure to check your merchandise well before you buy. customer service is unexisting leaving you with a buyer’s remorse and bad memories, merchandise is not fresh, his stock is old. ...See moreHide