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Latest Reviews

Photo George vvvvvvvvvvvv
6 months ago
Review for Cell Zone.

Do not buy a used phone from the cell zone!!! i bought a used phone off the cell zone for $1600 + and 4 months later it was blacklisted due to the previous owner not paying bill. the only solution they could come up with is to buy my phone back for 100 dollars or they would give me a “better deal” if i came back on the 10th with the receipt to talk to the owner. 1.they responded to my old review stating that an esim would work,- it’s financed locked. it wouldn’t work. you never once mention an ...See moreHide

Photo Susan Grupp
12 months ago
Review for Christine's Small Dog Grooming.

Christine is so patient and kind with our little dog cooper. he is a senior and has so many health issues but christine always keeps him looking his best! ...See moreHide

Photo Lauriane Denmark
1 year ago
Review for Clinique Dentaire Milcic &Amp; Peloso.

One of the most painful experience i’ve ever had in a dental clinic which made me loose two front teeth!!! their licenses should be revoked! ...See moreHide

Photo Brenda David’s
2 years ago
Review for Mckenzie Creek Trading Co.

Rude staff who is often distracted by family , items are over priced, no bathroom , items and store smell funny (i think it’s mold or mildew) ...See moreHide

Photo Maxine louise
2 years ago
Review for Big Boy Delivery.

Always have had great service ,my only extended wait time was when the weather was bad.great drivers very friendly & helpful ...See moreHide

Photo Ex employee
2 years ago
Review for Galeforce Welding Inc.

All the bad reviews here if from employees who have been fired for horrible work. you can even notice on google a person who got fired did a 5 star and then a 1 star.... funny how the world works for losers. ...See moreHide

Photo zeina
4 years ago
Review for Centre Dentaire CÔTe Vertu Inc Dr Ziad Abukasm.

Excellent service. dr. ziad has years of experience and it shows in every step! he's very sweet and listens to his patients. ...See moreHide

Photo Unhappy
4 years ago
Review for Mitchell's Rv Centre.

Service is absolutely terrible. when i called don on it, he said that they treat every customer the same, and that i should maybe just take my business somewhere else. needless to say, that is what i did. i am very pleased with adventure rv in waterford though! ...See moreHide

Photo S
5 years ago
Review for Pharmasave Phil Smith - Smith Drugs & Apothecary Ltd.

I asked the pharmacist about some over the counter drugs. she said she didn't know them and didn't want to comment about their use etc? on another occasion, the pharmacy assistant that answered the phone still didn't know how to spell my name, even though i repeated the spelling 5x over. then she put me on hold for 10 minutes, until she could find my file. told her i needed info on how to fill my meds early because of a trip to europe and she told me to call back later because she had no idea? ...See moreHide

Photo Slezzz
5 years ago
Review for Galeforce Welding Inc.

Terrible place to work. low paying job, no appreciation! working for a spoiled 1 arm manchild plant manager that is racist and also sexist towards women in power. the health and safety guy cries to the employees he can't drive his new truck to work because he does't get paid enough for gas and has to drive his corolla! the maintenance guy richard cheats on his wife with the cleaning lady on afternoon shift and the supervisor is a huge pervert/pig talking about sex! sad and pathetic! ...See moreHide