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Latest Reviews

Photo Paul
1 year ago
Review for Kim Chiopen Place Versailles.

This place is the cruel work place own by arab people. they leave me cooked alone for the whole month until my wrists hurts. they force me to come to work when my wrists still hurts but i told them i can't because my wrist is hurts then they took $300 from my paycheck for not come to work. if you pay by cash, they will not put in the system to avoid to pay taxes. this place is full of cockroachs. good luck enjoy your meal. ...See moreHide

Photo Sébastien Forget
2 years ago
Review for Moodesign.

Https:// commercial and residential interior design services design – perspective – execution plan – project management ...See moreHide

Photo Matthew Veloza
3 years ago
Review for Restaurant Seoul Chako.

The worse restaurent ever!!!! the employee dropped raw meat on my friend and did not excuse them self and the waitrice gave some unprofessional sercive ,she gave bad atidtude. during the whole time me and my groupe of friends where there had a horrible service , we waited a full 26 minutes before having desert and the orders where all messed up , missing food ithems or stuff that we never orderd! the whole place was a epic mess disaster! i spoke to the maneger and its he did not care! ...See moreHide

Photo maniaque37
4 years ago
Review for Houle Toyota.

Bought a used car there. seller been lying to me and car full of problems. slow service and rude. would not recommend. ...See moreHide

Photo Anti
4 years ago
Review for Auto Costi Incopen Garage.

This company is a thief, hence the number of employee figured and the "annual revenue (modeled), which is 33% below the $330,828 average for all general automotive repair shops." really, who believes that a huge garage on such an expensive lieu would make 33% less than others?! not just that, if you check on reviews and comments on internet about them you will see that they are thieves! 45$ for boosting a car that is right in front of them. mr. c.mouslo himself saying he payed the booster 400$ the other day and 45$ for each client is not much!!!! they steal all the parkings around their garage, they literally have a guy checking on cars that leaves their parking and place cars, strategically so that no other car can park! they are inconsiderate, no education, low speech people. ...See moreHide