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Smart W

Aldouane, New Brunswick
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Familiprix Clinique Roy Et Leblond

Saint-Georges, Quebec
15500 Boul Lacroix

Pharmacybc - Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy #239

Vancouver, British Columbia
2030 Kingsway
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Martin's Pharmacy St-Jacobs

St Jacobs, Ontario
10 Parkside Dr
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Life Med Pharmacy

Vulcan, Alberta
218 Centre Street
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Appletree Medical Pharmacy

Toronto, Ontario
680 Rexdale Blvd
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Warr's Pharmacy Ltd

Happy Valley-goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador
93 Hamilton River Rd, Happy Valley-goose Bay
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Allan's Community Pharmacy

Vaughan, Ontario
531 Atkinson Avenue, Thornhill
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Winfield Ida Pharmacy

Winfield, British Columbia
50-9522 Main St
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Cridge Family Pharmacy

Victoria, British Columbia
641 Fort Street
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Shadlock-Steeles Pharmacy

Markham, Ontario
8 Shadlock Street
Pharmacies, Pharmacy, Store, Health, Point Of Interest, Establishment
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Sam's Ida Pharmacy

Orillia, Ontario
1920 Yonge St. Unit 101-y
Pharmacies, Drug Database, Pharmacy, Store, Health, Point Of Interest, Establishment
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1 year ago
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I have used them for compounding services. i had to switch to them due to a bad experience at the previous pharmacy and it's been 3 years, i love their service. the owner and the staff are knowledgeable and they know me and my family really well. they've always been helpful and have patiently answered all my questions. they have always been quick and efficient. ...See moreHide
Review for Golden Ears Pharmacy
9 months ago
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I have always had quick friendly service at this pharmacy. we are blessed to have it so available in this area i thank the various staff for years of wonderful service. e van der zee ...See moreHide
Review for The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy Wolf Willow
Brantford resident 3 years ago
Foto profile
I asked the pharmacist about some over the counter drugs. she said she didn't know them and didn't want to comment about their use etc? on another occasion, the pharmacy assistant that answered the phone still didn't know how to spell my name, even though i repeated the spelling 5x over. then she put me on hold for 10 minutes, until she could find my file. told her i needed info on how to fill my meds early because of a trip to europe and she told me to call back later because she had no idea? ...See moreHide
Review for Pharmasave Phil Smith - Smith Drugs & Apothecary Ltd
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