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Latest Reviews

Photo Sergio Velez
9 months ago
Review for Dargatz Mink Ranch Ltd.

Completely hack asses!! damaged my property and was still trying to blame it on me! ...See moreHide

Photo Benjamin Bee
1 year ago
Review for Lise Boileau Kanaan Rma (Real Mortgage Associates Inc).

George was really helpful and got us the best possible rate we can get. i’m not sure why the other review is so upset but i’ve had friends get mortgages with george and they also said he was the best in the business. i’m very happy with the services and would highly recommend working with them. ...See moreHide

Photo Mohamed Ab
1 year ago
Review for Cartage Paysagement.

Unfinished job. quality is not good. called the owner many times with no response. ...See moreHide

Photo Simon
2 years ago
Review for Nusrat Shah Mortgage Alliance.

Lied to my face on several meetings. found out later he was telling others things completely different to what he was telling me. save your time and money, avoid this con artist and despicable person. ...See moreHide

Photo Moe
4 years ago
Review for Lise Boileau Kanaan Rma (Real Mortgage Associates Inc).

Don't work with this mortgage brokerage and George Kanaan. This broker took all our documents and refused to give us copies of confidential information. He also refused to give us our home appraisal that costed us $500 simply because we wanted to work with a different broker. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND BROKER. They are dishonest crooks. They will waste your time and offer you the HIGHEST rates in the market. Go to experienced brokers who won't rip you off! ...See moreHide

Photo Kyle
5 years ago
Review for Ldg Electrique.

A french man answered the phone and was extremely rude to me and then hung up. This business is unprofessional, i would avoid.... ...See moreHide

Photo mATTskyward
5 years ago
Review for Benji Dittrich Custom Renovation &Amp; Contracting.

Do your homework, benji dittrich conctstuction left me feeling very disappointed and ripped off. the job was rushed and there is no pride in the workamanship. i should have saw the red flag when benji told me he would sue me if i didn't pay, this was before the job even started. ...See moreHide

Photo klt
5 years ago
Review for Ruby Omega.

This is a scam. do not use this locksmith. his name is ruby omega. i contacted a website: greater toronto area locksmith service(416) 662-7903 and they referred me to have this locksmith to come to my store to open the door for me as my key was stuck in the lock. ruby showed up and managed to open the door and said the mechanism of my lock is broken. he will charge me $120 for the service. i paid him and he said he need to come back later in the day to replace the lock and will charge me around $400. he left my store around 1pm and returned at 7pm with 2 of his worker to help him replace the lock. after 3.5 hours of work. he finally replaced the lock and is now charging me $1290!!!!!! he said he quoted me min. $400 and now the lock he replaced cost $600 and 3 men labour for 3.5 hours add up to $1290. he never gave me the break down of the cost until now!! i told him if i was quoted with this price intially, i would have hire someone else to do the job. he is charging me $1290 plus $120 that i already paid in the morning. now it is 10:30pm, i told him to take back the lock and i will not pay him. he took his lock back in 10 mins while he required 3.5 hours to installed it with 3 men. i now have to call someone up at 10:30pm to come replace the lock. do not hire this guy, he is a fraud!!!!!!! ...See moreHide