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Latest Reviews

Photo MaryAnne Taylor
6 months ago
Review for Bazinas Furs.

Left in tears today after being talked down to in a very loud manner in the very messy store. still upset that i ventured to ask about a serv ice. my advice: go elsewhere, be treated properly in a professional and clean environment ...See moreHide

Photo Kiera defer
6 months ago
Review for Applewood Village Hair Stylist.

Michael did an amazing job! an amazing hairstylist and great at what he does. it’s just a shame that i won’t be able to see him again since they refused to tell me what happened. ...See moreHide

Photo John Alber
12 months ago
Review for Min-A-Mart.

Great store! absolutely love the service and great variety of foods especially for foreign customers! ...See moreHide

Photo amanda tamane-mckinnie
12 months ago
Review for Harbour Acre Landscaping Maintenance Inc.

Don't even bother with this company. they were supposed to do waterproofing in november. they didn't show up. said they were coming again in march. said two guys called in sick. e-mailed and called them over a dozen times. no response. ...See moreHide

Photo Sofia Kimas
1 year ago
Review for Min-A-Mart.

Great store! loved it! it had a large variety of products, and store owners seem so kind. ...See moreHide

Photo namenamename
1 year ago
Review for Good Mark Poultry Inc.

Do not waste your time and money working here at all. the boss is abrupt towards the coworkers, beg you to work for them and fire you when making small mistakes instead of teaching the staff again. the coworkers are rude, critisize harshly, train staff poorly, and will give an annoyed expressions on their faces at you when you make mistakes instead of helping you and refuse to help you when questions are asked.. horrible experience indeed. worst place to work so far. ...See moreHide

Photo William Hunt
1 year ago
Review for Moon's Auto Service Centre.

I've been going to moon for over 5 years. he has done excellent work at a great prices. he goes out of his way to help, like drive to my location and switch cars. he gives options when they exist. he never pushes a product or service. i 100% trust him. ...See moreHide

Photo Mandy cohen
1 year ago
Review for Shoes In Style.

Over priced junk. owner disgusting bigot the worst customer service. rude arrogant. need a psychiatrist ...See moreHide

Photo Bhvana Midha
2 years ago
Review for Elite Montessori.

Best private elementary school in mississauga. follo montessori methods. so recommended for those who are looking for montessori private school mississauga ...See moreHide

Photo Paul Plimmer
2 years ago
Review for Tom Yanush Ca.

Tom has been my personal and business accountant for many , many years . nothing but the very best in knowledge and service . highly recommended . ...See moreHide