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President of true canadian consulting services i came to know through my friend

1 year ago
Review for Dst Transportation.

They are in good location and are very reasonable in dealings .what they say they do that so i rate them best. ...See moreHide

Photo paul hutton

Matrix property management

1 year ago
Review for Door Maker 2000 Inc.

Awesome place with the latest german heavy equipment cnc does thermofoil for alot of cabinet building shops also painted doors. i needed a refacing of cabinets in my high rise building 400 units and they came through with great prices great products the look of the thermofoil updated everything, now i am charging more rents. thanks doormaker ivan and all the crew. ...See moreHide

Photo Larson

Terrible after sales

1 year ago
Review for Eco Insulating Glass Inc.

We bought ig from eco insulating glass inc, in total 193 units quad sc75 with heat mirror film and filled with krypton gas in april 2009. the first unit imploded in 2015. eco insulating glass used the wrong sealant, this is a well know problem but eco insulating glass does not want to take responsabilety for it and does not honor their warranty policy. please read the full report about the problem on insulating - glass - film - problem . weebly . com i am looking for more customers from eco ins ...See moreHide

Photo Daad

The Best Store

3 years ago
Review for Min-A-Mart.

It had all the food supplies i was willing for and had outstanding service