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Photos of Prince Edward Animal Clinic

Prince Edward Animal Clinic

Etobicoke, Ontario
2903 Bloor Street West
Veterinarian, Veterinarians
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Mitchell Veterinary Services

Mitchell, Ontario
243 Road
Veterinarians Accessories , Veterinarian , Dog Grooming, Children Boarding, Hospital, Veterinary Care, Point Of Interest, Establishment, Veterinarians
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Willowdale Animal Hospital

North York, Ontario
256 Sheppard Ave W
Veterinarians Accessories , 24 Hour Emergency Service, Animal Clinic , Animal Hospital , Cat Care, Cat Veterinarian, Comprehensive Pet Health Exams, Dental Surgery , Dog Veterinarian, Early Morning Appointments, Early Morning / Late Evening Appointments, Pet Foods, Pet Nutritional Counselling, Ferrets And Rabbit Care, Laser Surgery , Pet Boarding, Veterinarians

Summit Vet Pharmacy

Aldouane, New Brunswick
Veterinarians Accessories , Veterinarian, Veterinarians
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Walnut Grove Animal Hospital

Langley, British Columbia
20995 88 Avenue #101a
Veterinarians Accessories , Animal Clinic , Animal Dentistry, Animal Hospital , Animal Medicine , Animal Surgery , Animal Vaccination , Cat Hospital, Cat Veterinarian, Cosmetics Dentistry, Dog Veterinarian, Flea Control, Pet Dentistry, Pet Hospital , Pet X-Rays, Prescription Pet Foods & Supplies, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery, Spay & Neuter, Veterinarian, Veterinary Care, Store, Health, Point Of Interest, Establishmen, Veterinarians
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Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital

Winnipeg, Manitoba
1444 Pembina Highway
Veterinarians Accessories , Veterinarian, Veterinary Care, Point Of Interest, Establishment, Veterinarians
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Bayview Seven Animal Hospital

Sydney, Nova Scotia
2 Hunters Point Drive
Veterinarians Accessories , Neuter / Spay, Laser Surgery , House Call Services, Parasite Prevention, Pet Products & Services, Health Examinations & Wellness Programs, Vaccinations , Dog Grooming, Flea/tick/parasite Control, Separate Cat Boarding Facility, Animal Ultrasound, Animal Care , Cat Veterinarian, Dental Care , Dog Veterinarian, Digital Xrays, Veterinary Care, Point Of Interest, Establishment, Veterinarians
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Midland Veterinary Service

Midland, Ontario
765 Yonge St
Veterinarians Accessories , Pet Dentistry, Hand Surgery, Pet Supply, Pet Day Care, Dog Grooming, Animal Geriatric Care, Animal Preventive Health Care, Animal Diet, Veterinarians

Alpine Veterinary Medical Centre

Whitehorse, Yukon
107 Copper Rd
Veterinarians Accessories , Veterinary House Calls, Livestock Veterinarian, Veterinary Emergency , Veterinary Laboratory On Site, Animal Sterilization, Animal Vaccination , Microchip Implant, Veterinary Radiology, Animal Weight Management Program, Declawing, Veterinary Blood Analysis, Veterinary Dermatology, Specialized Animal Food, Veterinary Dentistry, Veterinarians

Ovc Smith Lane Animal Hospital

Guelph, Ontario
48 Smith Lane
Veterinarians Accessories , Veterinarian, Veterinarians

Sunder Group

Mississauga, Ontario
6500 Silver Dart Drive
Veterinarians Accessories , Emergency Animal Hospital, 24 Hour Animal Emergency Hospital, Small Animal Emergency, After Hours Pet Hospital, After-Hours Clinic, Veterinarian On Call - 24 Hours, 24 Hour Veterinarian, Critical Care - Intensive Care Units, Point Of Interest, Establishment, Veterinarians
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Birchwood Animal Hospital

Winnipeg, Manitoba
2595 Portage Avenue
Veterinarians Accessories , Veterinary Services , Veterinarian , Pet Health , Vaccinations , Dental Care , Dermatology , Ophthalmology And Optometry Equipments, Oncology, Children's Gastroenterology, Neurology, Pediatric Cardiology, Ultrasound, Electrocardiograms Pap , Digital Radiography, Laboratory Equipment, Homeopathic Pharmacy, Board Certified Specialists, Veterinary Care, Point Of Interest, Establishment, Veterinarians
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Read About What Happened To Our Puppy At Roverdale Doggie B&b In Sutton, Ontario! 5 years ago
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we would definitely not recommend this boarding place after our experience. read on. we left our healthy, 7 month old puppy, charlie, at the roverdale licensed dog boarding kennel for four days.  when we picked him up and paid our bill, we noticed a very deep, open cut on his side (not a dog bite) and when we asked the owner, luan, about it, she said she “didn’t notice it till now” and that she had “no idea how that happened”.  there was no apology or concern even at that time. we took charlie to the veterinarian asap and poor charlie ended up having surgery and stitches and he had to wear a cone for three weeks!  the veterinary bill was just under $600! after the surgery, the vet told us to be sure to advise roverdale that such a deep cut could only be caused by a very sharp hazard on their property and they should find the source so that no one else’s animal would end up with a cut like our dog did. we sent a letter to luan suggesting she search for and find the sharp object and we also expressed our expectation that she, at the very least, take some financial responsibility for what happened to our puppy there.  she did not even have the courtesy to respond. the second letter was registered and luan signed for it, so she definitely received it. it is now mid-september and she still has not even had the good manners, compassion, common sense or the professional maturity to acknowledge her responsibility in any way!  in actuality, we paid her a boarding fee to badly injure our puppy, and then paid our veterinarian $600 to repair what happened under luan’s watch at her facility!  wow!!  if we had refused to pay her the boarding fee, we would at least have recovered that amount. if there was a way to give a zero stars rating, roverdale boarding kennel would certainly deserve that in this case.  it is beyond belief that a place that relies on word-of-mouth recommendations and positive reviews and feedback, would treat clients in this manner.   luan could have handled this situation so much better.  even if she had had to use insurance to cover the cost of charlie’s injury, that would have been “the right thing to do”.  our puppy did not deserve to go through this pain and inconvenience and we did not deserve to be ignored when we have a legitimate complaint. no wonder roverdale doggie b and b isn’t a member of the better business bureau - - they couldn’t possibly be even if they wanted to be! a business run like this is not a respectable business.  clients come first or you end up without clients and without a business.  how incredibly disappointing (and expensive) charlie’s “dog vacay” at roverdale turned out to be.  find another place if you want your dog to be delivered back to you in one piece. luan deserves a big, fat zero and a “failure” rating in this situation. learn your lesson the easy way - - take your dog to another facility (we now go to the cantope dog boarding kennel in georgina),  if you want proper care.  save yourself hundreds of dollars in veterinary bills that roverdale won’t pay even if they know they’re responsible! ...See moreHide
Review for Roverdale Doggie B&b
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