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Latest Reviews

Photo Bill; Goldstein
8 months ago
Review for Bmo Bank Of Montreal Bathurst & Frontenac.

If you want the worse bank in north america go here-stay away they are so confused every time i wait for an hour on the phone-they have no idea re customer service ...See moreHide

Photo Moe Assadian
1 year ago
Review for Nexcar Auto Sales &Amp; Leasing.

Honestly the coolest dealership i have ever seen…….go and check it out, at the very least you are looking at so much memorabilia that reminds of how far we come in automotive industry…….it’s a museum with great cars for sale with very reasonable prices……check these guys out it’s worth it ...See moreHide

Photo Zhiyong Li
1 year ago
Review for Tuffco Inc.

Paul zeppieri is a cheater! he owed me $ 20000!!! i sent him cast iron pipe in 2019 but he did not pay me! ...See moreHide

Photo Nicole Burke
1 year ago
Review for Pietramala Fernando Family Law Lawyer.

Very unprofessional unfriendly lawyer. didn’t get the job done. i had to fire him and hire another lawyer that got the job done and helped me and my family. i do not recommend this lawyer. ...See moreHide

Photo Jason
4 years ago
Review for Crane Legal Services.

This guy hired me to serve some clients and pick-up documents, amounting to $350 in work. he didn't end up paying me. he's a total swindler. ...See moreHide

Photo Diana
5 years ago
Review for Payless Photocopy.

My boyfriend went to payless Photocopy at Sheridan mall to print 5 photos of certain measures, the person who answered said that if he could do the job, he charged in advance $ 160 dollars and when delivering the photos the result was catastrophic, for which cut parts of the body of the people in the photos, when my boyfriend saw this he asked the person to reprint the photos which reluctantly did again but still the result was bad again. ...See moreHide

Photo Maria
6 years ago
Review for Rias Design Inc.

I had my wedding recently and decided to go with rias designs inc, her work is absolutely beautiful, my jaw dropped when entering the venue as it was spectacular! however, i found ria to lack a lot of customer service. her attitude through this process was very stressful and pointless. she decides to tell me last minute that having plastic tables at my venue will be a problem as the decor i chose will end up collapsing the tables and she would then have to charge me $6,000! i was disgusted! how can you you tell your client that after the fact that you were paid in full and then have the nerve to write rude emails to me saying that it is not your problem?! actually it is your problem because if you communicated with me from the beginning that certain tables won't hold such weight i would have chosen my decor more wisely. the wedding was a success and the tables did not collapse (when i told my wedding venue about this they were laughing hysterically at how someone that has been in the business for this long should know better) she caused me so much stress that was pointless and had major attitude! when i discussed this with my wedding planner they to said that they received a lot of complaints about hooria's attitude! so please be prepared. her responses to emails took forever unless she was in an arguement with you then she was quick on her feet with rude remarks! i held back a lot when writing to her as i did not want her to maliciously mess up my wedding! however i want to warn you that her work is beautiful however their are tons of decor places that are just as beautiful with a lot more respect and customer service!!!!!! ...See moreHide