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About Us

About Us

We are a technology-loving group of people who seek to provide computer based systems solutions. We are experts in php, MariaDB, javascript, java, develop solutions in Microsoft Dynamics AX and we also offer hosting solutions with high quality and develop Web pages. We formed this yellow pages directory for all companies regardless of whether they are large or small, to make themselves known and increase sales for free, posting on our website. We hope to be the largest yellow pages directory in Latin America, offering this solution for free and with quality.

Our technology

Nexdu, in its commitment to provide quality service to all our customers, has implemented various technologies for quick access and to provide a good user experience.

We have a high-tech web server that supports web applications based on php and MariaDB, which is the same server under which all of our hosting clients work. We use hard SSDs that offer more reliability and lower latency when accessing information than traditional disks. You can see our article now free hosting with SSDs.


We have a content distribution network (CDN) with Cloudflare, professional version, with about 28 data centers around the world which accelerates the loading of our portal regardless of which part of world you are in.


We have backups in the cloud with Amazon S3that ensures rapid recovery from failures on the primary server with high redundancy and daily backups. It also ensures that information is safe on our directory.

Secure site

Our SSL security certificate allows us to encrypt and secure the information entered by all our users on our website, so it is not easily intercepted by malicious individuals.