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Latest Reviews

Photo Chika

Dr. ronald wolk calgary

2 months ago
Review for Wolk Ronald P Dr.

Dr. ronald wolk of calgary is a very caring orthodontist. his positive attitude and friendliness made it very easy to overcome my phobia of dentists. god bless you, dr. ronald. ...See moreHide

Photo Ken Schacter

Dr schacter

5 months ago
Review for Wendell Schumacher Painting.

Mu clientele at my restaurant are raving at our new paint job! thanks again wendell! will be using you again in the future! ...See moreHide

Photo Alannah

Worst law firm ever

1 year ago
Review for Excel Legal.

Vivian nwankwo is probably one of the worst lawyers. doesn’t return calls or emails, if you have an emergency your screwed. don’t hire her. excel legal is terrible ...See moreHide

Photo M

Racists and aggressive drivers

1 year ago
Review for North X Logistics Ltd.

There are numerous individuals that have been theatened by this companies drivers which are racist and aggressive. let alone the fact that they get out of the truck, with the vehicle is still in drive. ...See moreHide

Photo Madel

Worst jewellery store ever

1 year ago
Review for Mappins - Fine Jewellers Since 1935 Market Mall.

They say that if you buy the lifetime protection plan, they will replace the missing stones of your ring for free for a lifetime if its due to everyday wearing and it gets lost. i lost a couple of my precious stones i went to mappins and they replaced it no problem. i have the ring for about 4 years now, this is my 2nd comeback to have them replace a missing diamond again only to find out that the store closed!! so i went to people’s that’s what other people say, to have my stone replaced. they ...See moreHide

Photo Irene

Executive and homemaker

2 years ago
Review for Dr Omid Pour-Ahmadi.

He is one of the best doctors I have met. Caring, attentive, dedicated and very precise with his diagnosis. He is very easy going and truly cares about his patients. Very happy with his services. ...See moreHide

Photo Sameer

Best Service Ever

2 years ago
Review for Desi Garage Inc.

I went for my car service and they took care of me and also gave me a ride home, the car was ready for the same day. prices were way cheaper and got warranty. i spoke to the owner also about the bad review and i was very hesitant about it, he explained me what happen and i can't believe people can be like this. these people are great and they are very knowledgable. you got a customer for ever. ...See moreHide

Photo james

Best Service Ever

2 years ago
Review for Desi Garage Inc.

Best service ever, the owner is so nice and very friendly. did the service fast on my jetta and also showed me all the parts changed, i was a little sacred go there by the last review on it, i think that guys is just trying to make the business reputation go down. i approve this me anytime to verify i have attached my # above also. only the downside is the sitting area but the service was excellent. thank you desi garage and asad. ...See moreHide

Photo greg

Lucky To Be Alive.

3 years ago
Review for Desi Garage Inc.

on october 10, 2016, my vehicle was towed to desi garage inc. (unit #5150 - 3123 47 st ne calgary, t3j 4n4). the vehicle vibrated badly while braking. i was invoiced $500 to fix the rear brake pads and rotors. afterwards while i was leaving, i noticed the same symptoms while driving on the freeway. i was forced to pull over and tow the vehicle again. it turns out, the rear rotors were never replaced. visibly you can tell they are over a few years old, rusted out, and with very little life left on the rotor. when i returned to desi garage inc, they claimed that they completed the rotors, and i would have to 'get another licensed mechanic to write a note saying the rotors were not replaced,' then he would replace them without charging me labor, again. these guys are lucky i was not involved in an accident because of their negligence !! i have contacted cps and bbb regarding this issue as well. these guys are scam artists and will certainly get someone killed if allowed to continue this practice. cps cannot do anything unless someone is injured due to their negligence, but i am sure that is only a matter of time. do not go here if you value your money and or safety. ...See moreHide

Photo Curtis N Christine

They Could Teach A Class Called; How Not To Treat Customers

3 years ago
Review for The Registry Depot.

Terrible, rude and even disrespectful customer service agents. also, after charging a premium for everything else they even have the nerve to charge you to use their debit machine to pay. update: i just stopped in here again. i should know better but they are just so close to my house. i tried to renew my drivers license and had about $300 in fines. i pulled out my credit card and the clerk said i could only pay up to $200 on credit card. it's all designed to get you to use the terminal an additional time so they can charge the service fee more than once. they won't let me pay more than $200 on my visa and they have the nerve to charge a percentage on top of the service charge for the privilege of their service. ya. no thanks. i called "registry express" before i'd even left the store and asked them if they have any issues with paying by credit card. no problem she said. there is a 2% fee for credit (1%) less and no service charge for using the terminal. burn me once, shame on you. burn me twice, shame on me. that's the last time the registry depot will ever see me. they can move on to providing third class service to other customers. ...See moreHide