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Latest Reviews

Photo Susan......
1 month ago
Review for Td Kim Nails &Amp; Spa.

Great service, very friendly staff. they offer all services and have every color of powder dip available! ...See moreHide

Photo Shiva Seifi
1 month ago
Review for Phyl's Beauty Salon.

Don't go here ! this place is the worst hair salon ever! i asked for a hair trim but i got a haircut! ...See moreHide

Photo Shiva Seifi
1 month ago
Review for Phyl's Beauty Salon.

I asked for a hair trim but they gave me a haircut they collected all my hair in a box and that hair dresser told me that i have a lot of hair tgey can maje a wig out of it don't go here ...See moreHide

Photo Bridgette M
7 months ago
Review for Karen Molle Barrister.

Horrible, untrustworthy. karen molle is an unethical and immoral person. this horror show excuse of a human being ruined my life instead of doing her job!! she is in cahoots with the calgary police to protect them instead of protecting the actual victim she throws under the bus!! the only person ahe has ever helped is herself ...See moreHide

Photo Linda Abercrombie
7 months ago
Review for Bmo Bank Of Montreal Glenmore Landing.

Service at this branch is alway good. i have had some banking problems lately and nirali bhatt has been exceptionally helpful with every detail in sorting this out. so nice to have a bank where a customer feels very comfortable and very assured that all the advice is the best! ...See moreHide

7 months ago
Review for Last Mile Logistics.

Great service, very fast pased invoirment and friendly staff. priceing are very reasonable as well. ...See moreHide

Photo Jacqueline
8 months ago
Review for Sonia D. Blake Professional Corp..

Tricking immigrants into doing dirty work, giving up their savings. bastards.

Photo Michael Steven
8 months ago
Review for Jones Celina Power Properties.

We’ve been in touch with ctv news about her. celina jones is under the impression that she can steal $500 dollars from anyone and get away with it. my fiancé and i sent her $500 dollars to “hold” a suite for us for april. one day passed, we didn’t sign anything and decided it isn’t for us but she kept the $500. she also asked us for $7000 dollars upfront. thank goodness we didn’t send that. we’ve been in touch with ctv news calgary and ...See moreHide

Photo Stephanie Neyland
10 months ago
Review for Apple Express Courier Ltd.

My package was suppose to arrive on november 24. still waiting, not too impressed with this delivery service. ...See moreHide

Photo Lmelendres
11 months ago
Review for Oksana's Sunridge Mall.

Stay away from this store oksana’s if you don’t want to get stressed. they are bunch of lier with very poor customer service. once they got your money they don’t care about you anymore. how important this is to you, reasons why you are spending for expensive dress and how you feel as a customer. they are just nice while they are convincing you buy but after that, if you have problems, not their problems anymore. very bad experience. ...See moreHide