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Latest Reviews

Photo Justis Mroz
3 weeks ago
Review for Ultracuts Marlborough Mall (Inside Walmart).

Trang was a real sweetheart, friendly , and knew how to smile & make you feel welcome. she gave me a nice haircut & i'll be going back to see her next time. (yes that means i recommend her). ...See moreHide

Photo Gordon Bullivant
1 month ago
Review for Reid Branden Dr.

Best family doctor. i am so sad to see him leave calgary. always pleasant, efficient, and caring. he refers to specialists immediately if needed. kelowna is getting one very fine doctor! ...See moreHide

Photo Kaylin Smith
4 months ago
Review for Steve's Guitar Repair Service.

Went above and beyond! steve is the guy! great service and affordable. def will be using him for future guitar repair ...See moreHide

Photo Kayla  marie
5 months ago
Review for Style Creation Salon &Amp; Spa Chinook Centre.

This salon is not where i would recommend for a professional cut you would be satisfied with. to be honest i would equate the skills of the staff with a beauty school level as opposed to a professional business. the stylist had no idea what a trim was and cut more than 6 inches. management is refusing to refund currently and now more money has to be spent somewhere else to fix a job that looks like a small child used crayola scissors. manager also seems to bend the truth and get quite defensive ...See moreHide

Photo Anonymous.
6 months ago
Review for Jane S Lang Dymond Purdy.

Rude and difficult lawyer to work with. terrible experience. wants the least amount of communication as possible with you and has no patience or time for any questions. creates more stress instead of helping to relieve stress at a difficult time. looking to make as much money as possible doing the least amount of work. she is lazy and her work is sloppy, i had to correct document content and typos. not my responsibility as her client. could not wait to be done with her. i would never recommend. ...See moreHide

Photo 5877074948
8 months ago
Review for Jane S Lang Dymond Purdy.

Steer clear of this lawyer she's a thief and a liar, she will fight with you and argue with you and she will be difficult with you even when her experts tell her that her client is right. she's a horrible attorney and let's not mix words. ...See moreHide

Photo Bill Stater
9 months ago
Review for Happy Together Food Store.

Don’t go here. the owner is rude and obnoxious. i asked for price of water and he told me to get out. ...See moreHide

9 months ago
Review for 12Month Loans.

Good for payers only for payday loans, these guys are a good option. 12month loans you can apply for online loans with no credit check to deal with any small loans. ...See moreHide

Photo James Hootsuite
1 year ago
Review for Dr Bishop &Amp; Associates Optometrists Northland Village Mall.

Great location and very friendly staff. i am looking forward to attending my next appointment at this location. ...See moreHide

Photo James Hootsuite
1 year ago
Review for Dr Bishop &Amp; Associates Marlborough Mall.

Great location and friendly staff. i am very pleased with the service i got and will go back again from my next appointment in near future. ...See moreHide