Dispersal Solutions Estate Sales & Content Liquidation


Toronto, Ontario

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Dispersal Solutions Estate Sales & Content Liquidation Company Information

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Telephone Numbers : (705) 636-5811,
Address : Muskoka
City or Town : Toronto. Ontario
Website : http://www.DispersalSolutions.com

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Categories : Auctions, Auctioneers

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Products and services of Dispersal Solutions Estate Sales & Content Liquidation
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Buyer Beware! Rip Off! 2 years ago

No proper address, voice mail only! red flags! i want to inform people how upset i am with dispersal solutions. i was lied to about their business practice. we ended up with 40% of the sales while she got 60% plus 10% buyers premium. that makes it 70%. we got 40.%. they charge bogus invoicing amounts for advertising. they were only able to show an invoice for 1 advertising. i have asked them to qualify their invoices and they have not. i was told 33% was the commission and labour for when they come to your house to take pics on the day of pick up. we were charged for her labour at home which we have no control over she said ..... the charge is "also stated is administration; for the countless hours of fielding calls, responding to queries and printing" what happened to the 33% commission! they call the expense not labour but labour/mileage now why would that be?! andrea comes across very nice but let the buyer beware! i am not the only client this has happened to! the other person was very upset as well.

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