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Photo Cooper

He seems nice, it was a sad situation where being flexible could make it better for everyone. Now letting people know is

1 year ago
Review for First Choice Auto Clinic.

While my vehicle was being looked at by first choice, the vehicle was hit and damaged. The owner bob said not to worry he knows lots of people in the industry and can take care of it no problem. Its not a very expensive car so we agreed to hear some options once he had them. After being hard to get a hold of, he now says it say its not his responsibility. Maybe it happened later, despite the pictures from that day. He seems nice, now all I can do is let people know. There are better options. ...See moreHide

Photo Steve

Cash Business, Fantastic Quality And Prices

2 years ago
Review for Raegon's Hair Design.

Top quality stylist that incredibly low prices. however it is cash only

Photo Steve

Excellent Stylist At Excellent Prices

2 years ago
Review for Raegon's Hair Design.

Cash only business so prices are between one half and one third of that of a professional salon, but with the same quality, or even better ..!! ...See moreHide