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1368 Blundell Rd

Mississauga, Ontario


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Zim Group - Metal Roofing Company Information

Looking for metal roofing company for your mississauga home? zim group ltd is an expert in metal roofing constructions in whole ontario and offers the best in residential, business, and commercial roofing solutions. all our steel roofs come with 50-year warranties. our goal is to make sure every roof includes essentials like proper ventilation, reflection and durability. once you know all the benefits of a sheet metal roof, nothing else will do.
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Telephone Numbers : (289) 768-6752,
Address : 1368 Blundell Rd
City or Town : Mississauga. Ontario
Website : http://zimgroup.ca/

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Categories : Roofing Contractors, Roofing Contractors
Payment methods : Cash

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Exterior picture of Zim Group - Metal Roofing
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