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Latest Reviews

Photo Lisa

Helmcken pain clinic

5 months ago
Review for Helmcken Pain Clinic.

I strongly urge people to do there own research if they are prescribed any medication from this clinic....such as cymbalta, (duloxetine) as this drug has hurt a lot of people including myself! please, take caution and take care! ...See moreHide

Photo Lisa

Excellent work, superior technique

10 months ago
Review for Dr Keely Matheson Bowker Creek Dental.

Dr keely is an excellent dentist. she did two crowns for me and very patiently shaped them until they were perfect. she recently filled a cavity, and her anesthetic was the best. she somehow isolated just the tooth itself, no numbness of my face or tongue. the most comfortable filling i’ve ever had. ...See moreHide

Photo Lance

Saw filer (certified benchman)

1 year ago
Review for The Edge Sharpening Co Ltd.

This company that is looking for a benchman/headfiler with a wage of $20-$25 per hr is well below industry standard for this job. the normal starting wage for a henchman is over $40 per/hr they will not find anyone qualified to fill this position at that wage....shame on them! ...See moreHide