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Latest Reviews

Photo Raymond scott
1 week ago
Review for Kfc Mayfair Shopping Centre.

Twice in the last 3 weeks i had to walk away from this kfc in mayfair mall victoria. could not get served, both times staff were busy on cell phones. the manager needs to do a little training with his staff. the last time i was not served there were 4 customers waiting to order. ...See moreHide

Photo Zeke the Sneak
6 months ago
Review for Dog Lovers Pet Grooming.

Not worth the words, but i have to for this to go through. i suspect the groomer was having an overscheduled day and was short on patience. she accidentally snipped off some very signature papillion markings and did a generally messy job the last time i took my dog in. she blamed it on my dog's trim being overdue and even surcharged me for her "extra efforts." i had many comments about the poor job and now i need a new groomer. any recommendations? ...See moreHide

Photo Karen E. Ledger
8 months ago
Review for World Of Vision &Amp; Discovery Optical.

I have gone to avi and mike for the past 11 years and their service and quality of product have been excellent every time. i highly recommend this world of vision optical! ...See moreHide

Photo Pete Castiglione
10 months ago
Review for Splash Landscape Design &Amp; Installation.

Freedumb convoy supporter and reddit troll. be better than you are b, it affects your business. ...See moreHide

Photo Lara Blanks
12 months ago
Review for Edo Japan Hillside Centre.

Service is aweful, rice tastes and ramen tastes wierd only order yakisoba they don’t seem to care at all… ...See moreHide

Photo Doreen Dufresne
1 year ago
Review for Eddie Bauer Mayfair Shopping Centre.

I ordered a jacket over a month ago. it was supposed to arrive by the 14th. i got several emails before that time saying that i was not home.. so they held it.. then they sent me a email saying that to have it delivered i would have to pay $2 on my visa. i did not want to use my visa for this amount. i sent the e.b. email to my son to check it.. he said it was a scam. now i get more messages saying it is here but i was not home.. i wish they had just left it there. s apparently it has gone back ...See moreHide

Photo Anon Anonanon
2 years ago
Review for Broadmead Legal Centre Kovacs Colleen M.

Colleen is nice enough, but her son is a complete creep. stay away from broadmead legal it is not safe. ...See moreHide

Photo Richard Grant
2 years ago
Review for Jadresko Landscaping &Amp; Masonry.

Nov 7 2019 john came to excavate and remove concrete from our old sundeck. paid $1200 for 3 hours work. purchased lunch for john and helper. i helped load the cement into john's dump truck to speed things up. john promised to come back and level back yard. john's location 500m from my house. april 21 texted john to come and back fill level. june 11 texted john 23 times. john replied 5 times that he was coming. no show, had to get some one else. unreliability to new levels. just lies all the tim ...See moreHide

Photo Lisa
3 years ago
Review for Helmcken Pain Clinic.

I strongly urge people to do there own research if they are prescribed any medication from this clinic....such as cymbalta, (duloxetine) as this drug has hurt a lot of people including myself! please, take caution and take care! ...See moreHide

Photo Lisa
3 years ago
Review for Dr Keely Matheson Bowker Creek Dental.

Dr keely is an excellent dentist. she did two crowns for me and very patiently shaped them until they were perfect. she recently filled a cavity, and her anesthetic was the best. she somehow isolated just the tooth itself, no numbness of my face or tongue. the most comfortable filling i’ve ever had. ...See moreHide