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Latest Reviews

Photo Sue Cromwell
1 year ago
Review for Tony Kung And Associates.

Bad news. big mistake. terrible terrible terrible . will lie to your face

Photo Anita Chan
1 year ago
Review for Dr Perry Mittelholzer Woodside Square Mall.

I called dr. perry mittelholzer today (april 14th 2023) and requested to talk to the doctor regarding my eye condition prior to coming to a lady picked up (who i later discovered is the doctor's wife) insisted that i have to disclose my eye condition to her before i can book any appointments or ask any inquiries with dr. mittelholzer. this is a gross violation of patient confidentiality when she is not the medical professional handling my case. ...See moreHide

Photo Veronicamax
2 years ago
Review for Yat Lee Jewelryopen Agincourt Mall.

Excellent service. very pleasant people that service you. repairs are done on the stop. ...See moreHide

Photo Mandeep kaur brar
2 years ago
Review for Rainbow Jade Scarborough Town Centre.

Bad experience , i went to exchange within 2 days but when i asked representative that ur agent told that we can exchange within 7 days she behavesd very rude and told exchange with the same agent … how can u say it to customers that “exchange with same agent” idk if she knew the correct prices what she told was very different than the previous agent from whom i bought the necklace earings and ring. this lady today evening (23nov 2021)who was there was not helpful at all. i will never come aga…. ...See moreHide

Photo Frank Peter
3 years ago
Review for True North Imaging Sheppard Ultrasound.

Very rude staff … if you don’t love your family members send them to here

Photo Ethan Benge
3 years ago
Review for Theramax Rehab Centre.

Amazing clinic. very professional. i couldn't recommend theramax more!

Photo Noor Kapadia
3 years ago
Review for Senthu Woodwork Inc.

I am so disappointed in senthu wood working company who took away my cabinet door for color matching to replace another door and its been over 6 months i keep getting excuses that it will be delivered and the work will be done. i have never come across such an unprofessional behaviour. if one has given their word they should live up to it. !!! very very disappointed!!!! ...See moreHide

5 years ago
Review for Ideal Interlock Diamond.

This man, fiazullah is a scam artist. he only wants cash in advance and leaves the work 1/2 done . stay away from him ...See moreHide

Photo Sergey
6 years ago
Review for Getco Auto Parts Inc.

Had a horrible experience with this place. first i call them and asked if they had a logic 7 amplifier for bmw m6 (and i said 3 times - "i need specifically an m6 amp") the guy on the phone said "i have a few that will work with your car, just come with the car" . so i came there (it was an hour drive from my place), he grabs a few amp's and tries to fit them in my car - and its clear as day-they were marked "x3-x5","bmw 335" , and after 2 minutes of struggles he says -i dont have an amp for you ...See moreHide

Photo siva prasad
7 years ago
Review for True North Imaging Sheppard Ultrasound.

If you don't need better copies to have then it's ok or if you dont bother about time then this is the right place to go guys whether gta or canada doesn't matter... you know. honest opinion. ...See moreHide