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Latest Reviews

1 year ago
Review for Ideal Interlock Diamond.

This man, fiazullah is a scam artist. he only wants cash in advance and leaves the work 1/2 done . stay away from him ...See moreHide

Photo Sergey
2 years ago
Review for Getco Auto Parts Inc.

Had a horrible experience with this place. first i call them and asked if they had a logic 7 amplifier for bmw m6 (and i said 3 times - "i need specifically an m6 amp") the guy on the phone said "i have a few that will work with your car, just come with the car" . so i came there (it was an hour drive from my place), he grabs a few amp's and tries to fit them in my car - and its clear as day-they were marked "x3-x5","bmw 335" , and after 2 minutes of struggles he says -i dont have an amp for you ...See moreHide

Photo siva prasad
3 years ago
Review for True North Imaging Sheppard Ultrasound.

If you don't need better copies to have then it's ok or if you dont bother about time then this is the right place to go guys whether gta or canada doesn't matter... you know. honest opinion. ...See moreHide