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Latest Reviews

Photo Bailey
3 years ago
Review for Alpha-Wolf Protection Services.

Owner Colin Henry is a shady character who cheats around with as many women as he can possibly convince to have a so called relationship with him. Targets female employees. Lies like a sidewalk, if he says Good Morning you know its afternoon. He has a habit of not paying income taxes and threatens staff with violence. Run screaming.. ...See moreHide

Photo Kathleen
4 years ago
Review for Alpha-Wolf Protection Services.

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Photo Keith
4 years ago
Review for Edge Micropigmentation.


Photo Sandra
5 years ago
Review for Jva Contracting.

I've recently employed jason to do some major renovations in my 50+ year old home. his carpentry skills are exceptional: he's created a new bathroom from old: total demolition of walls and ceiling, rebuild of walls, ceiling and flooring, and finishing, iincluding installation of shower stall, vanity and mirror. he does painting as well! jason has laid new vinyl flooring throughout halls, kitchen, bathroom and stairway; and he's installed ceramic backsplash and new hardware on kitchen cupboards. his installation of new doors front and back was perfect. jason also did some custom work to create a feature wall. he is such a capble handy-man, and is quick to say what he can or can't do. most importantly, jason is honest, reliable, conscientious in the extreme (his standards are very high), and his rates are very reasonable. i would hirejason again in a minute! ...See moreHide