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Action Plus

Barrie, Ontario
19 Melrose Avenue
Carpet & Rug Cleaning, Fully Insured And Bonded, Competitive Rates/ Free Estimates, Exceptional Furniture, Emergency Cleaning, Industrial Safety Advisory, Professional Quality Guaranteed, Maintenance Program Can Be Tailored To Needs Of Your Facilit, Cleaning Schedule Can Be Customized To Your Individual Needs, Stripping And Refinishing, Laundry, Point Of Interest, Establishment, Carpet & Rug Cleaners
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Karen's Kleaning

Barrie, Ontario
56 Lucas Lane
Maid & Butler Service, Bi-Weekly Cleaning, Emergency Cleaning, Full Time & Part Time Programs, Monthly Payment , Move-Out / Move-In Cleaning, Weekly Checks , Regular Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Point Of Interest, Establishment, Maid & Butler Services
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All Appliances Gas Piping And Venting

Barrie, Ontario
87 St Vincent St
Repair Of Gas Appliances, 24 Hour Emergency Service, Air Cleaners, Bbq Gas Lines, Dental Cleanings , Commercial Gas Piping, Furnace & Duct Cleaning, Gas Stoves/ Gas Dryers/ Ovens, Natural Gas Generators, Underground Gas Piping, Duct Cleaning
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Reliance Yanch Home Comfort

Barrie, Ontario
89 Rawson Avenue
Induction Furnaces, Heating, Gas Water Heaters , Air Conditioner , Vending Machines Sales, Rentals & Service, Fireplaces & Duct Cleaning, 24 Hour Emergency Service, 24/7 Response, Reliance Furnaces, Boilers, Heat Recovery Ventilators, Ductless Heating And Cooling, Environmental Protection Plans, Preventive And Corrective Maintenance Of Computers, Plumber, Home Goods Store, General Contractor, Point Of Interest, Est, Fireplaces, Duct Cleaning
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Big Al's Aquarium Supercentres

Barrie, Ontario
521 Bryne Drive
Aquariums & Supplies, Aquarium Maintenance, Change And Clean Chemical Filtration, Check Food Inventory, Clean Glass Covers, Cleaning Of Outside And Interior Of Aquarium, Dental Emergencies, Gravel Vacuuming, Replacement Of Any Equipment, Water Changes, Water Chemistry Testing, Pet Store, Point Of Interest, Establishment, Aquariums & Aquarium Supplies-Distributors
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Kingswood Dentistryopen Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Barrie, Ontario
201 Hurst Dr
Dentists, Cosmetics Dentistry, Free Consultation, Wisdom Teeth Surgery , Threads For Bonding , Porcelain Veneers , Emergency Dentistry, 1-Hour Dental Whitening, Dentures, Estetica Dental Implants , Evening Appointments Available, Dental Crowns , Teeth Cleaning , Weekend Appointment Available, Polish Speaking Dentist, Tooth Whitening , Children's Dentistry
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Bowman Fuels Ltd

Barrie, Ontario
265 Burton Avenue
Fuel Oil, Petrol Pass Location, Oil Fired Hot Water Heater Rental, Home Heating Oil, Homeopathic Pharmacy, Pump Rental, Tank Rental, Wholesale Diesel, Heating Oil Delivery, Heating Oil, Commercial Fuels, Commercial - Farm - Industrial, Automatic Fuel Delivery, 24 Hour Emergency Fuel Service, Dyed Diesel Delivery, Mechanical Quick Clean Diesel Fuel Injectors , Point Of Interest, Establishment, Fuel Oils
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Harris Plumbing

Barrie, Ontario
7-18 Alliance Blvd
Plumbers & Plumbing Contractors, Backflow Prevention Testing, Complete Plumbing Repairs, 24/7 Emergency Service, Drain Clearing & Cleaning, Video Drain Inspections, Sewer Drain Replacement, Faucets, Toilets, Shower & Bathtub Replacements, Water Softeners , Water Filtration & Uv, Hot Water Tanks & Tankless, Water & Sewage Pumps, Sump Pumps & Backups, Plumbers, Sump Pumps

Baywood South Animal Hospital

Barrie, Ontario
205 Minet's Point Road
Veterinarians Accessories , Behaviour Counselling, Clinic Tours, Day Care While You Work, Dental Cleanings , Dental Emergencies, Euthanasia- Cremation, Examination Examinations , Flea Control, Heartworm Testing & Prevention, Kitten And Puppy Wellness, Neuters, Nutrition Counselling, Pain Control, Senior Wellness Services, Dispays , Surgical Services, Vaccinations , Dentist, Hospital, Pharmacy, Veterinary Care, Doctor, S, Veterinarians
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X Spurt Plumbing

Barrie, Ontario
156-65 Cedar Pointe Dr
Plumbers & Plumbing Contractors, 24 Hour Emergency Service, Backflow Installation, Inspection And Repair, Backflow Preventer Testing, Drain Cleaning, Frozen Pipes Thawed, Full-Service Heating, Full Service Plumbing & Heating Products, Hot Water Tanks, Leaks Repaired - Seals, Appliance Maintenance Checks, Tool Repair Services, Sinks, Tv Camera Inspections, Taps, Plumbers
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Jordana Bradshaw Rmt

Barrie, Ontario
80 Bradford St
Carpet & Rug Cleaning, Heavy Equipment Rentals, Flooring, Commercial Financing Companies, Industrial Safety Advisory, Residential Automation, Emergency Flooding Drying Services, Mold Inspection, Financing Services
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Simcoe Oil &Amp; Lube

Barrie, Ontario
259 Innisfil St
Mufflers & Exhaust Systems, Air Filters , Automotive Rust Proofing, Car Battery Replacement, Bulbs, Cabin Filters , Exhaust Systems , Diesel Fuel Filters Curves , Fuel Injector Cleaning, Polishing Headlights , Mufflers, Oil And Lubricants, Various Rock Products Offered And Delivered, Emergency Services Offered, Tire Repair, Tire Rotation

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