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Country mom 1 year ago
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Unprofessional, rude, arrogant. paid no mind to being factual, punctual, respectful or well versed with details. lack of respect for others including their time and money. you would be better off representing your own case as witnessed first hand. ...See moreHide
Review for Ags Law Professional Corporation Head Office
Paid For Services And Did Not Receive Them. Beware!! Too Bad There Is Not A Rating Lower Than 1 3 years ago
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We contracted with diy for snow removal services. what a catastrophe the driver totaled a car the second day and tried to take off. police had to be called. dale lawson came one day to clear snow and was asked to not plow towards cars. he stormed off and quit. no talking to him or trying to reason with him helped. he had 1750$ and would not discuss returning even one red cent one time he stood there and looked us in the face as he claimed to be his own "twin" brother and pretended his other half was in a va hospital. he was hired because of his supposed service to our country but we find no honor or honesty. he will not prove that he served so he demeans all servicemen who really served. he will not prove that he was decorated so he demeans all who truly were. our letter of demand was returned stating that he is no longer with the company but then posts that they are still in business. personally i am sure we are not the only group ever to be taken by him so i would stay far far away. ...See moreHide
Review for Barrie Do It Yourself Garage
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