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Latest Reviews

Photo Celine

buyer beware

1 year ago
Review for Samira Electrolysis & Esthetics.

I had Samira's daughter Nelly perform electrolysis on me and now I am left with horrible pigmentation scars all over my upper lip, face, cheeks, arms and back. I spent over 1,000$ on toxic cancer-causing bleaching creams and I still have these very noticeable hideous scars. I was told the scars would fade in a couple months at first and this is not the case over 2 years later. She refused to refund me a dime her and her mother lied and denied what they did even though she remembers these scars. ...See moreHide

Photo Sophia

5 Star Rating

2 years ago
Review for Aiello Flooring.

Amazing, i've never seen better floors done in my life. everything was made to perfection, and looks exactly as i imagined ...See moreHide

Photo Metropolitana

Aucoins Insulation In Ottawa

2 years ago
Review for Aucoin's Insulation.

I give aucoins 5 stars out of 5 stars