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Latest Reviews

Photo Antonio Miguel
1 year ago
Review for Canadian Camera Service Centre Inc.

I have a canon eos 20d. it showed me always err 99.the shooting was not possible. canadian camera service centre at ottawa fixed the problem. my camera is working well ;i am happy. the job is well done. bravo ravi ...See moreHide

1 year ago
Review for Great Hobbies Inc.

I got scammed approx $300 on a defective 3d printer and have the pictures to prove it! great hobbies in ottawa also baits and switch's on mini paints! they are predatory scammers! stay away from "great hobbies" in ottawa or you will end up like me! ...See moreHide

Photo Jim Hardin
1 year ago
Review for Bmx Reno Proffessionals.

Richard grant is a fag , and as dumb as they come he should pay people what he owes them before he puts false reviews ...See moreHide

Photo Richard Brant
2 years ago
Review for Bmx Reno Proffessionals.

Huge consumer alert: we hired this company to install our inground pool. huge mistake. stay as far away from this contractor as you can. asks for huge deposit up front. he told me so many lies, i had a hard time keeping track of them. was never on site to supervise his staff.when i pointed out his employees mistakes, he ignored my texts. wouldn't answer my any phone calls. no quality control. he walked away from my job.never completed the job and never delivered my equipment. 1 star is too high! ...See moreHide

Photo KelseyJay K
2 years ago
Review for Dessaulles AndrÉ Dr.

A perv who sexually assaults his clients. he is currently before the college of psychologists of ontario who impeded his practice in mid 2020 by preventing him from personal sessions with patients and taking on new clients. his hearing is pending and will undoubtedly lose his license. be sure and check out the college of psychologist website to see what kind of a sick, perverted man andre dessaules is. notice-of-hearing-andre-dessaulles.pdf ( ...See moreHide

Photo Ann Shen 1
2 years ago
Review for Kingly Translations.

Will criticize your translation when you paid for him to translate. slow service (mine took 1 month because he forgot what service i paid for). not professional. extremely dissatisfied. needs training in customer service or just how to be a decent human being. ...See moreHide

Photo Pat Doherty
3 years ago
Review for Excellence Touch Elmvale Acres Shopping Centre.

Back wax and they burned my back. had burns, lesions and peeled skin from incompetent staff. do not trust this place and avoid at all costs. they are inept and not to be trusted ...See moreHide

Photo Sam
4 years ago
Review for Enviropure Home Services.

Stay away from richard sticklee . he is a fraud expert who stole my money!

Photo Christina
4 years ago
Review for Aiello Flooring.

This company really knows what they are doing! we had harwood floors covered with carpet for 30 years, they remanded them and made them look like new! besides doing a good job they are also polite, mannerly and one time! will use them again. ...See moreHide

Photo Celine
6 years ago
Review for Samira Electrolysis &Amp; Esthetics.

I had Samira's daughter Nelly perform electrolysis on me and now I am left with horrible pigmentation scars all over my upper lip, face, cheeks, arms and back. I spent over 1,000$ on toxic cancer-causing bleaching creams and I still have these very noticeable hideous scars. I was told the scars would fade in a couple months at first and this is not the case over 2 years later. She refused to refund me a dime her and her mother lied and denied what they did even though she remembers these scars. ...See moreHide