West Prep Children's Centre

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70 Ridge Hill Drive

Orillia, Ontario

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West Prep Children's Centre Company Information

West Prep Children's Centre is a not-for-profit corporation. This means that the Centre must cover its operational costs but is not intended to make a profit for owners or shareholders. While some financial reserve is needed in case of unforeseen events, all other income is used to improve the children's experience.The Centre is run by a profession
Contact information
Telephone Numbers : (416) 783-4302,
Address : 70 Ridge Hill Drive
City or Town : Orillia. Ontario
Postal code : M6C 2J6
Website : http://www.westprepcc.com

Additional Data
Categories : Frozen Foods

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Products and services of West Prep Children's Centre
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Childcare Services Leisure Activities Field Trips Frozen Foods Kids Games Social Organization Of Holidays Academies Of Music Ornamental And Singing Birds Social Skills Social Special Events Point Of Interest Establishment


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