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Latest Reviews

Photo Travis
2 years ago
Review for Allied Threaded Products Inc.

The shop was incredibly clean when i arrived to pick up my stuff. staff were very accommodating and very knowledgeable. i was addressed the second i came in and they were quick to get me my stuff. ...See moreHide

Photo Terry
3 years ago
Review for Realty Canada Inc.

It does not matter what relationship the person may or may not have with the person... giving ID to anyone who is not a part of the company itself Realty Canada Inc. IS ILLEGAL. The person they gave the infomation to has also used my ID called up everyone I talk to and discussed me. They document when I come and go from the place and what I bring home and WHAT I DON'T BRING home that SHE WANTS ME TO BRING HOME, monitors when I pee, When I shower, pees in windows. and so much more. ...See moreHide

Photo Nexdu
4 years ago
Review for Trendz On 6Th.

A few professional colleagues and i went in a weeks ago and were told by one of the owners that the designer scarves were authentic. we were also told they were significantly reduced because the sending boutiques went out of business. the scarves & other items included brands verbalized as being "real louis v" "real gucci" "real...." we asked why the price was so low and were told it was 70%+ off. we bought the items and took them to holt's to verify the authenticity only to find out they were fakes. we called the store today as we are not going to wear fakes and were told 'you all should have known based on the price! it's a final sale!' when asked why one of the owners told us it was real - we were told 'what do want us to do about it - it's a final sale!' so now we are stuck with items we can't (won't) wear and can't even sell on kijiji! very sad as the edmonton journal media review by janet vlieg [see: http://edmontonjournal. com/life/fashion-beauty/edmonton-dress-shop-trendz-a-bargain-treasure-trove ] stated "the secret to trendz' six-year run has been a reliable supply of high-end and classic fashions, always offered at a discount from regular retail fact, if you liked the sophisticated styles at tk clothing on 124th street, which sadly shut down, you'll now find some of its stock at trendz on 6th. bakker says she is choosy about the clothes she takes on, in the interests of maintaining quality. "it's a bit tricky. we don't want to deal with everyone." ...See moreHide