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Photo Archicgi

Cad drafting

5 days ago
Review for 360 Cad Services Inc.

Great post awesome article! thanks for sharing! thanks for helpful article! nice post ...See moreHide

Photo Robert

Unprofessionlism at it's finest

11 months ago
Review for Bea Macdonald Royal Lepage Atlantic.

I have never spoken to such an ignorant unprofessional "professional "in all my life. not only would i not recommend her i will make a point to make sure i can tell as many people as possible that they should avoid doing any kind of business with her ever. she is very rude and as her website indicates she's all about customer service and people receiving the professional experience however i have yet to experience either of these things. she gives women in business a bad name. ...See moreHide

Photo Michael

Completely Unethical

1 year ago
Review for Sunshine International Tours.

You cannot trust this company. they are well known for disregarding laws