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Photo Roberto


2 years ago
Review for Etobicoke Locksmiths.

These guys are scammers. locked myself out of my room by accident and i had no spare key so i called this place. the woman who answered my phone call quoted me $15 for services fees plus $35+ for labour fees. so this so called "locksmith" arrived to my condo. he looked at my doorknob jiggle then turned the doorknob once then said these kinds of doorknobs can't be lockpicked. i had this same doorknob lockpicked by a locksmith before few years ago but i did not learn my lesson back then. anyways, he said he would have to drill the doorknob which he'll charge me $300 or he can try to slide some wedges between the door and the wall and try to pop it open which will damage the door and will cost me $150. i can buy a drill and do it myself for less than $50 lol. this guy obviously is not a locksmith! i told him that's way too expensive and said i'll pay the $15 service fee for making him come to my condo. he then said i have to pay him $70 for "wasting his time". i had to call condo security to have this guy removed from my suite. what a thief! ...See moreHide