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Odometer Rolled Back & Consumer Fraud

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My girlfriend purchased a 1998 honda crv in 2015 from autos houston in grecia, costa rica. they told her she was the first owner of the car in costa rica since it was shipped from the united states. after a a year and multiple major car problems we came to find out after checking that the car was actually shipped back in 2007 and pre owned by someone in costa rica before her. not only that, the odometer was actually turned back. when the car was shipped to costa rica back in 2007 the odometer read around 250,000 miles but when we bought the car it read a little over 130,000 + miles. the only conclusion we can make is that they turned back the odometer to make the sale which is completely illegal and a criminal offense no matter what country you are in. it seems they will do / say anything just to make the sale. i would not recommend buying a car from autos houston because of this horrible experience.

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